December 15, 2008

Kattobashi (Chopsticks made from Baseball bats)

Are you a baseball fan?
Well, baseball is a big thing in Japan, next to the United States. And the Japanese baseball level is pretty high. Since pitcher Hideo Nomo became the first Japanese player in US major league baseball in 1995, many players have followed. Ichiro, Matsui Godzilla... they are children's heroes both in Japan and the US.

"KATTOBASE!!" is a term familiar to baseball fans.
It means "Make a big hit", and fans call out to their favorite players from stands.

So what is "KATTOBASHI"?
KATTOBASHI is a joke name for a chopsticks product. (HASHI will be pronounced BASHI when put together with other words) The pair of chopsticks is made from used baseball bats. Many bats are broken during the league, and this chopsticks company gathered the broken bats and made them into hashi. I adore this naming sense.

This product, which I knew since three years ago when people were still making fun, is now a big hit in Japan. I had a chance of meeting some people from the company at Eco-Products this year, and they are really nice just like their sense of humor.

If you are in Japan and looking for a fancy eco-souvenier, try KATTOBASHI and KATTOBASE the dark clouds of financial downfalls...!

Hyoemon Website (only in Japanese but they have an EC site too)

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