December 4, 2008

Ikeuchi Towel

Ikeuchi Towel is known for its “Towels Weaved with Wind”. It is a small company in Imabari, Ehime Pref., with many fans from throughout Japan and the whole world. The Japanese towel industry is undergoing tough market because of cheaper products from China and other Asian countries, but Ikeuchi Towel has kept their strong policy to “Pursue high quality” since that was historically the strength of towels made in Imabari. Ikeuchi Towel started using organic cottons in the 1980s, and in effort of creating environment friendly products obtained ISO 14001 in 1999. Also in 2002 they started to weave all towels with Wind Power, using the new Green Electricity Certificate System. The subtle colors and soft touch of their towels, and on top their sincere company attitude, won first prize at the NY Home Textile Show 2002. Before then Ikeuchi Towel was domestically known only among fans who knew by words of mouth, but after becoming a popular brand in the US, the company was known throughout Japan.
“I recommend other small companies to join overseas exhibitions”, says Keiji Ikeuchi, CEO. “Not many do business as sincerely and honestly as Japanese companies. With just a little courage, small Japanese companies can succeed overseas!” May a good wind breeze for Mr. Ikeuchi and the 18 staffs of Ikeuchi Towel!

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