December 14, 2008

French for Sunday lunch

Today I went for lunch with my friends to LE VENT DE VERT, an old French restaurant in Kunitachi. Located on the main street, it is about a 5 minutes walk from the station. The food and atmosphere is nice, the price is reasonable, and what I like especially is their made-to-order dish plates. It has a cute picture of the restaurant and previous Kunitachi station.
Kunitachi station was famous for its old station building with a triangle rooftop. The railway company decided to rebuild the station building and take off the rooftop despite the voices of nearby residents. It may be nostalgy, but for us who grew up seeing the triangle roof, it was a pity and the roof is still kept by volunteers who are negociating with the company. The plates of this restaurant represents the love toward local society, and after all, local attachment is the best spice for such small restaurants.

Walk straight on the main street from Kunitachi Station south exit. It is a house next to KFC, set back from the sidewalk.

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